Busbar/Cable Clip Development (Senior Engineer/Manager/Business Head)(3008680)
1.The Busbar/Cable Clip Development Engineer will participate in the design and development of unique and/or proprietary high-power custom busbar/cable assemblies which will integrate into the customer's system.

2.Conceive and plan projects involving the definition and selection of new concepts and approaches to the design and development of connectors, busbar and cable systems, including managing the fabrication of components and prototype assembly.

3.Conduct competitive analysis together with other engineers and marketing in order to maximize competitiveness. i.e. Cost, Performance, Manufacturability, etc.

4.Coordinate, analyze and assess testing and qualifications in order to insure product conformity with specifications.

5.Assess the quality and functionality of prototypes and samples for customer use and adherence to performance standards.

6.Full technical responsibility for planning, organizing, and conducting technical projects within the design, fabrication, modification, and evaluation of electrical connectors and busbar/cable systems.

7.Work with cross-functional, multi-site teams to develop solutions that meet customer requirements, cost targets and program schedule requirements.

8.Provide technical support to Sales and marketing personnel including technical training, presentations and customer visits.

9.Work closely with key customers and management to develop custom products, and ensure products and services satisfy customer requirements.

10.Draw on the global engineering capabilities of other divisions for collaborative interconnect product development initiatives to serve a total interconnect solution to the customer.

11.Stay abreast of technological developments in the connector and interconnection industries.

12.Create documents required to define and build products: drawings, material specifications, bills of materials and manufacturing processes.

13.Provide product cost data / cost calculations on various product concepts developed within the project to support product management and manufacturing.

14.Maintain and manage (product engineering/guardianship) of new and existing components, sub-assemblies and final assemblies throughout the life cycle of products.

15.Provide support to manufacturing facilities on cost down, quality, customer issues.

16.Apply patent request when applicable in order to protect intellectual property.

1.Experience in busbar design

2.TOEIC: 700 or higher

3.Ambitious personality

4.Good communication Skill

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